Guarantee and Return Policy

Order Placement
Typically wholesale flower orders for weddings, events, parties, gatherings can be placed as late as the day of shipping. Our team will inspect every stem/bunch and pack the product as close to the requirement as only possible. Important to know is that when ordering so late, you will be shipped from products we circulate daily on stock in Miami. If the requested variety is unavailable, we will contact you to provide a replacement option. The earlier you place an order, the greater the chances for it to be confirmed, since in such cases we have sufficient time to assure the products. An additional recommendation when ordering in bulk for events and similar is to plan on receiving the flowers about 3 days prior to the happening. Such a scheduling in advance will give the product time to hydrate, open and adapt to the local conditions.

Changes to Orders
Because of our advanced business model structure, we are able to perform order changes as late as literally an hour before the actual shipping takes place.

Order Cancellations
In a similar manner this advanced business model enables us to accept order cancelations from clients as late as the day before shipping.

Missing Flowers
Since we prepare and pack flowers in our own cooling facility, as a rule, we make sure to be exact in what goes into the box. Although in theory possible, it is but very rare for a packing mistake to occur. If it happens we investigate the issue and either reimburse for the missing product, or reship to compensate for the difference.

Pricing Disclaimer
All prices for flowers in the ordering system are based on yearly trends. Our system does not update live, but on a monthly, or yearly basis. It is therefore possible for the prices to fluctuate slightly up and down depending on the market conditions. Also many flower types are seasonally grown. Because of this, not all varieties will be available at any given moment. While completing the order on the phone, our sales representative will suggest a substitution and the originally quoted price will not be matched, but will reflect the price of the newly chosen substitute.

You are required to report all claims to 48-FLOWERS.COM no later than 24 hours after the arrival of product at your location. Those made after the 24 hours will not be reviewed. We might ask for further assistance - be it with pictures, date and time of delivery, or even request the return of the product - in order to positively assess your claim. We apply a case by case evaluation of claims. If the quality problem was ultimately accepted, 48-FLOWERS.COM will proceed with issuing a credit for the value of the damaged items according pricing on the original order, or will send out a replacement if so agreed. 48-FLOWWERS.COM is not responsible for misuse, or wrong handling of flowers. You are advised to follow all guidelines and instructions posted on the site to ensure proper care.
For further assistance, please call 1-855-764-6747
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