Frequently Asked Questions

How soon before an event should the order be placed?
Out of our own experience, we advise to plan on receiving products some three (3) days before an event. That should give enough time for the flowers to open and settle, for them to be implemented into the floral design and for finding a back-up solution in the rare case of unforseen incidents.

What happens to my email and contact information requested in the ordering section?
We at 48-FLOWERS.COM do not share to third parties of any kind personal information received from the system. The required data only makes it possible for the order to be processed and enables us to contact you and finalize the request.

How can I see if the order went through?
Once you hit the "Order Now" button and if all required fields were correctly completed, you will see an onscreen confirmation. Than one automatically generated message - with the order details - will be sent to the email address provided in the form.

Where do the flower products come from?
All wholesale, bulk flowers for weddings, events, parties etc. are grown in countries of South America, Europe and Asia. The growers have to meet constantly very high quality standards in order to become and remain a part of our affiliate program. We stand behind the offered products, because our deep conviction is that a bridal arrangement, wedding bouquet and each and every event, or gathering should be enlighted by the beauty and quality of the flowers we provided.

How are the flowers packed?
Our packing facility is located in refrigerated conditions. Every stem is quality inspected, than optimally packaged to withstand the shipping process. The box material is designed to survive mild mishandlings and changes in teperature, usual for transportations through trucking freight-forwarders like Armellini, Prime, Florida Beauty, Golden Lines, or courier services like FedEx and UPS.

Is ordering online actually safe ?
48-FLOWERS.COM uses a well-established and secure checkout technology. Although for ordering we do not request precisely your credit card information, it is absolutely secure and safe to include such data in the notes section, if you ultimately opt to do so.
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